Wrap-Up: Canzine West 2012

Vancouver! The last time I was in Vancouver was 15 years ago, crashing at a buddy’s place, eating chili and watching hours of classic Warner Brothers cartoons from the 1930s and 40s. My buddy and I also found time in amongst the cartoons to make a crazy zine.

This time I was selling books and buying zines at Canzine West, Vancouver’s Largest Zine Fair and Festival of Alternative Culture!

Sales were slow at first but I was having fun chatting to Broken Pencil Publisher Hal Niedzviecki, legendary minicomics creator Colin Upton, my table-neighbors Alison and M, Broken Pencil Volunteer Diana and many other cool folks who stopped by my table to chat!

Throughout the day I sold 4 of my friend Matt’s comics and then right at the end of the night I sold five of my books, which means that AGP Books is now officially IN THE BLACK!

I couldn’t have done it alone. Thanks to the generosity of my friend Laura who gave me a free place to stay, my wife who helped me get a super-cheap plane ticket, and Broken Pencil Magazine who gave me a generous honorarium to read at the W2 Real Vancouver Writers’ series along with Hal Niedzviecki, Sarah Leavitt, Jean Smith and Teresa McWhirter. The reading was hosted by Dina Del Bucchia-- thanks, Dina! And a Big THANK YOU to all my readers and everyone else who expressed interest in my crazy books and albums. We Are All In This Together!

I also picked up some awesome Canzine swag. I got this amazing papercraft zine by Alison Woodward called ‘Nautical Nonsense.’ I also picked up a zine by Alison and M. called Sir Ambrose Straub, about a dog who loves Social Media.

I also got:

Some cool cards by Brianne Tweddle.

A print of this awesome painting by Jackie Klobucar.

Three great autobiographical comics by Carina Piccioni.

A heart-rending, amazing, beautiful graphic memoir by Sarah Leavitt entitled ‘Tangles.’

And ‘Lenny The Duck Gets Some Grapes,’ by students of Byrne Creek Seconday School‘s Media Arts Class. That’s right-- these lucky students got to make zines in class!

Thanks again, Vancouver! I WILL BE BACK!

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