TCAF 2014: Must Gets!

Once again, The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is upon us! As always, there are plenty of books I am excited about picking up. Here are just three:

Errol Dynamic, the new comic by Matthew Daley & Cory McCallum, the same artist/writer team behind the Gene Day Award-Winning The Pig Sleep!

Nelvana of the Northern Lights, reprinted by Rachel Richey & Hope Nicholson. Canada's first superheroine!

Rudy by Mark Connery. At last, a collection of Rudy The Magic Cat! I've been reading Mark's comics for years. They are very strange, deeply odd and all-around awesome. Don't believe me? Take it from The Comics Journal!

TCAF will have the above comics plus literally thousands more! Plus two days of events, signings, parties, launches, lectures, workshops and more! If you're in Toronto-- or even near Toronto-- you've got to check it out!

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