Papirmass Pop-Up Shop!

I'm happy to report that my book "Why Not A Spider Monkey Jesus?" (with cover art by the amazing Michael Kupperman) will be for sale at the Papirmass Pop-Up Shop in Toronto! The Papirmass Pop-Up Shop will be open on Friday Dec. 12 and Saturday Dec. 13, from noon until 11 PM both days.

Check out this amazing line-up of artists and writers!

Coach House, BookThug, Little Brother Magazine, WORN Fashion Journal, Gary Barwin, Kathryn Mockler, Mathew Henderson, Brecken Hancock, Alan Reed, Carousel Magazine, Humber Literary Review, Claire Caldwell, Jacob Wren, AG Pasquella, Jenny Sampirisi, Carbon Paper, & Paper Pusher.

Jacob Whibley, Standard Form, Steven Beckly, Slow Editions, Laurie Kang, Avril Loreti, Surf The Great, Sam Dubeau, Palimpsest, Vanessa Rieger, Eric Kostiuk Williams, Daniel Rotsztain, Mary Tremonte, Love Lettering, RCBOISJOLI, Go Home Magazine, Spark Box Studio, Colour Code, & Papirmass.

VSVSVS, Tessar Lo, Dyan Marie, Fiona Smyth, Neil Rough, Stephanie Cormier, Stephanie Flowers, Rajni Perera , Chris Foster, Adam Krawesky, Jen Kitagawa, Eunice Luk, Sarah Bodri, Keith Jones, Gemma Warren, JP King, Kirsten McCrea, Josh Holinaty, Mark Laliberte, Melissa Fisher, Julia Dickens, Laura Nowak, Eric Clement, Jesse Purcell, Ryan Dodgson, Anthony Cooper & Laura Dawe

Thanks for including me, Papirmass! I'm honoured to be included in such great company!

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