PAC'N HEAT: The Contributors

This summer Terri Favro and I have been editing a chapbook of Noir stories and poems inspired by Ms. Pac-Man. It's called 'PAC'N HEAT.' Terri and I have been lucky enough to have received some great work from many awesome people. We've kept the list of contributors under wraps, but now we're too excited-- we can't wait any longer!

So now, in absolutely no kind of order, are the authors!

Roxanna Bennett
Gary Barwin
Elan Mastai
Jacqueline Valencia
Lisa de Nikolits
Kathryn Mockler
Tara Betts
Terri Favro
Michael Matheson
Myna Wallin
Jade Wallace
Bonnie Bowman
Leanne Simpson
Adam Abbas
Dave Currie
Brianna Goldberg

But wait! That's not all! Evan Munday is doing the cover. Interior design is going to be by Ian Sullivan Cant and myself. Release date To Be Determined, but probably sometime in the Spring. The wheels are turning! We can't wait to get this book into your hands!

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  3. Myna Wallin

    1 year ago

    When's the PAC'N HEAT party happening?! I hope we'll be renting vintage Ms. Pacman machines for it. There's a literary grant for that, right?

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