PAC'N HEAT: Meet The Contributors! Jade Wallace

PAC'N HEAT: A Noir Homage To Ms. Pac-Man will be available November 2016! Advance Copies will be for sale at CANZINE 2016! Let's Meet The Contributors...



1. Did you ever play Ms. Pac-Man?

I grew up in a small town that had one arcade at the local mall. I know I played a game there involving some kind of incarnation of a Pac-creature, but I honestly cannot recall the gender.

2. Do you/Did you play other video games?

I have been trying to play video games since I was a child, but I am, twenty years later, still the player who somehow falls in every hole and jumps straight into the waiting arms of every moving object that wants to kill me. I love playing Mario Kart and Kirby’s Epic Yarn, though, because you’re always forgiven for doing things that should be fatal.

3. What do you/did you find most appealing about video games?

I like the fact the fact that my rampant failure to win video games has no discernible impact on my overall quality of life. This is much more relaxing than being at work, for example, where every miniscule task I do could potentially affect my future well-being if I screw it up badly enough.

4. What do you /did you find most frustrating?

Chip music.

5. What video game do you wish existed?

I want a version of Guitar Hero where you actually play a real guitar. Wouldn’t that be a great way to learn to play an instrument?

6. What's better: Original 80s or Retro 80s? And why?

I was only alive for two and a quarter months during the 80s, okay. I do not have the authority to comment to comment on this.

7. What about Noir as a genre appeals to you?

I like any genre that lays to waste moral certainty.

8. What's your favourite work of Noir? (Book, Comic, Movie...)

Is it terrible to admit that I don’t read much Noir fiction or watch many Noir movies? I recently read Patricia Highsmith’s The Price Of Salt, which isn’t Noir, but Patricia Highsmith writes Noir, and that’s probably about as close as I’ve gotten to Noir since I was made to watch The Maltese Falcon. I don’t dislike Noir; I just tend more towards Southern (Ontario) Gothic and Horror.

9. What are you reading these days?

Dead Letters by Francis King.

10. What else are you working on now?

I’d like to say I’m finishing a book of speculative fiction but it’s more a book of just very slightly questionable fiction, in which events are not really outside the realm of everyday occurrence so much as just shuffling around aimlessly at the periphery of complete ordinariness.

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