A.G. Pasquella, 2012

As The World burns: a cybernetic man-plane does the dishes. A chef muses about the best way to cook space horse. A mad scientist bemoans the loss of his robot army. Another mad scientist plots to create fireproof cows. A teenage boy teleports toward the girl of his dreams. Can any of them unlock the secrets of NewTown?

Why Not A Spider Monkey Jesus?

A.G. Pasquella, 2010

Cyrus The Talking Chimpanzee escapes from Bob The Scientist and his assistant Janet and sets forth on a journey across America: traveling carnivals, circus sideshows and tent revivals. Along the way Cyrus is picked up by The Colonel and his motor home stuffed with dusty jars full of shrunken heads and pickled Siamese twins. While watching television Cyrus finds religion and decides to become a televangelist. Two crooked television producers, Jackie Bob and Bobby Jack, put Cyrus on the air and soon the money comes rolling in.Cyrus must try to break free from his televangelist handlers after he becomes convinced that Jesus Christ has returned — as a spider monkey.

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