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Hours After The Invasion of East Timor, Henry Kissinger Sits Musing In An Uptown Bistro

"Waiter, this water tastes like Cat Piss."

"Oh, I'm sorry-- I thought you wanted a nice tall glass of Cat Piss."

"If I was drinking Cat Piss, I'd want a smaller glass."

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Ceilia and The Snail

"It's not like that."

The giant snail wraps his eye-stalks around Ceilia.

"We're in love."

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Powermowerman and Power Mower Safety

Hey Gang! Remember that classic 1966 comic book, "Powermowerman and Power Mower Safety?" It inspired me to write the following story. Enjoy!

Power Mower Man and Power Mower Lad Present...
‘Power Mower Safety.’

By A.G. Pasquella

Power Mower Man kneels before his power mower and gestures to his son Power Mower Lad. "Behold, Power Mower Lad-- a blockage. What do we do in this situation?"

"Um..." Power Mower Lad reluctantly looks up from his Gameboy. "Reach in and pull it out?"

Slowly, sadly, Power Mower Man shakes his mighty head. "I have failed."

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Bad Title

Bad (really bad) title for a book:

"Code Name: Ass Walrus"

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Here's a haiku I wrote on Friday, November 16, 2007, as I was staring out my living room window and missing my wife.


An ocean-gray sky

on the branch, two leaves curl

kissing sea horses.

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A Little Bit of AGP

Remember that episode of The Simpsons in which Homer and Marge go to the Springfield Chili Cookoff? (Episode 3F24, "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer")

Homer's buddy Lenny has a craft stand at the cook-off, selling down-home items like spice racks. (Marge: "Eight spices? Some MUST be doubles. Ore-GAH-no? What the hell?") Lenny's stand is called "A Little Bit of Lenny," and that's what's on offer at this blog: A Little Bit of AGP. No, not spice racks, but samplings of my work: short stories, short-shorts, poems, novel excerpts, titles, songs... you name it. Plus the links in the sidebar will act as a bookmark to my other projects. A Little Bit of AGP, all under one digital roof. Hope you enjoy!

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