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TCAF 2014: Must Gets!

Once again, The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is upon us! As always, there are plenty of books I am excited about picking up. Here are just three:

Errol Dynamic, the new comic by Matthew Daley & Cory McCallum, the same artist/writer team behind the Gene Day Award-Winning The Pig Sleep!

Nelvana of the Northern Lights, reprinted by Rachel Richey & Hope Nicholson. Canada's first superheroine!

Rudy by Mark Connery. At last, a collection of Rudy The Magic Cat! I've been reading Mark's comics for years. They are very strange, deeply odd and all-around awesome. Don't believe me? Take it from The Comics Journal!

TCAF will have the above comics plus literally thousands more! Plus two days of events, signings, parties, launches, lectures, workshops and more! If you're in Toronto-- or even near Toronto-- you've got to check it out!

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The This & The That Preview: Willie, Pawn My Spade

Here's a short piece from my upcoming book 'The This & The That.' (more…)

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The Weird & Wonderful Web: Musical Trees, Hamsters, Hamburgers

Howdy folks! Here's a collection of weird, wild and wonderful things I've found on the internet this week. (more…)

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The This & The That Behind The Scenes: The Cover

The This & The That is a crazy book, (more…)

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Presenting: THE THIS & THE THAT

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'm Pleased To Announce My Upcoming New Book, THE THIS & THE THAT!

Cover Image by super-nice guy and amazing artist German Shible.

The This & The That is a Hallucinatory Funhouse Mirror Version of America, written as series of linked short pieces. It was damn fun to write and I hope it will be equally fun to read!

The This & The That will be a Signed & Numbered First Edition limited to only 100 copies.

If you'd like one, drop me a line: You can also reach me on Twitter: @agpasquella. Copies are going fast!


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Temple Of The Tongue

Poetry? Yes! (more…)

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Arrested Development Fan Fiction? Yes!

I really enjoyed the first run of Arrested Development, so when I was approached by Little Brother Magazine in August 2012 to write Arrested Development fan fiction, I jumped at the chance. There was some fear of lawsuits so editor Emily M. Keeler & I changed the character names & turned the whole thing into a Bizarro World Mexican Soap Opera version. The published story, 'O.C. (Don't Call It That) At Twilight' appeared in Little Brother #2. Now, for the first time anywhere, is the original version. (more…)

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2013 Wrap-Up

I know, I know, 2013 isn't quite over yet but I thought I'd round up some of the year's career highlights and share them with y'all (as we say in the Old Country).

2013 started off with a bang with an award-winning performance (which reminds me, I still need to go pick up my trophy) at Write Club Toronto. I battled the awesome Jacqueline Valencia and it was a close one for sure. You can listen to my piece on Soundcloud: In Defense Of One.

if you're in a listening mood, my song "NIGHT BEAST" (featuring my friend Julia on main vocals and my then six week old daughter on Space Dinosaur vocals) was selected to appear on the soundtrack for Liz Worth's novel POST APOC. Thanks, Liz! You can get POST APOC and Liz's other awesome books directly from

This year I hawked my wares at Zine Dream, Canzine and The Halifax Pop Explosion Zine Fair. All of these fairs were amazing and I recommend them to anyone who's looking to get out there and share their stuff. Canzine is put on by Broken Pencil, The Magazine of Zine Culture and The Independent Arts. In my position of Associate Fiction Editor for BP, I was able to help bring some amazing writers to read at Canzine this year. Andrew Sullivan read from his great book of short stories "All We Want Is Everything," Sarah Liss read from her biography of Will Munro entitled "Army of Lovers", Guillaume Morissette read from his upcoming novel "New Tab" (I can't wait to read this book!) and Alicia Louise Merchant read from her essay "In The Face Of It", which was excerpted in Joyland and appeared in Little Brother #2. At all these fairs I saw some old friends,(<--that link goes to my buddy JKD's twitter page. Check out his comics but be warned! They're not for the faint of heart) made some new ones, sold some books and albums and comics (FEET COPS #1) and bought a stack of great comics and zines. Speaking of comics and magazines and books, I was lucky enough to have some stories appear in some awesome comics and magazines and books this year. [caption id="attachment_803" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="More For The Shelf! Or In This Case, The Gym Mat"][/caption]

"Flags" in Dragnet #7. This story was inspired by a war I was having with a raccoon. (I like to think the war ended in a draw, but let's not kid ourselves-- the raccoon won.) "Flags" was later chosen to appear in the very first Best of Dragnet Anthology. Thanks, Dragnet!

"IT CAME FROM WITHIN" in Monstrosity #1. My tribute to the Jack Kirby Monster Comics of the early 1960s, with a little bit of E.C. Sci Fi thrown in. You gotta check out the amazing artwork Dan Simon did on this story!

"O.C. (Don't Call It That) At Twilight: Tuesdays At 9 on Channel Ocho" in Little Brother #2. Yep, it's Arrested Development Fan Fiction with the names changed to render the whole thing more Mexican Soap Opera-y and less lawsuit-y. Fun Fact: Little Brother Editor Emily M. Keeler also edited my story "I Was A Teenage Minotaur." See below!

And finally, the good people at ChiZine selected my story "I Was A Teenage Minotaur" (which originally appeared in Joyland) for IMAGINARIUM 2013: The Year's Best Speculative Fiction. I got to read a selection from my story at the launch and meet the whole ChiZine crew, which was awesome. Thanks again, ChiZine!

"SO, A.G.! The Holidays are coming up. How do I get my hands on this goodness?" Glad you asked! Dragnet is free but I believe Little Brother #2, Monstrosity #1 and Imaginarium 2013 are still available for purchase by following the links above. My books "Why Not A Spider Monkey Jesus?" and "NewTown" are still available as well. (The super-cool site WEIRD CANADA recently gave NewTown a fantastic review!) FEET COPS #1 is almost Sold Out but if you want one, drop me a line-- they're going fast!

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Hali, Hali, Halifax!

October 26th is the Halifax Pop Explosion Zine Fair (more…)

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***SPOILER ALERT! The following piece assumes the reader has watched Breaking Bad up until the second to last episode.*** (more…)

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